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Community Initiatives

Bessemer, Eilers, & Grove Improvement Network (BEGIN)

Bessemer, Eilers, & Grove Improvement Network (BEGIN)


“A safe, resourceful, self-sustaining, connected community where businesses thrive, residents are heard, and community members are engaged, proud, and healthy within the Bessemer, Eilers and Grove neighborhoods.”


BEGIN is a network of neighborhood residents, city staff, health professionals, non-profit organizations, and other local stakeholders that are coming together to make changes to the built environment to increase physical activity, safety, connection, and pride throughout the Bessemer, Eilers, and Grove neighborhoods. 

NeighborWorks Southern Colorado hosting the BEGIN Task Force.


BEGIN works to help improve the community by giving more power to the residents, local businesses, and local organizations in the decision-making process of neighborhood planning.

BEGIN is currently working on gathering community input to help determine what issues residents face in their neighborhoods regarding physical activity, safety, connectedness, and pride.

Once we know what issues residents face and get ideas from residents on how to fix those issues. We will start working on projects to help better the community.

To make sure we are making a difference, we are aiming to improve policies, systems, and the built environment (building structures, sidewalks, parks, etc.) to make a lasting change.


If you are interested in helping make your neighborhood a better place, there are multiple ways you can get involved!


We know that many other organizations and groups promise change, and although change might be happening, not often do residents see it.

Our promise to you is that we will be fully transparent with the work we do and let you know where change is happening in your community. We will work with other local neighborhood groups to help build-up neighborhood residents, so they can take charge of their own community.

We will do the best we can to make a difference, but we can’t do it alone. We would love your support and help in the future. If you are interested in helping improve your neighborhood, check out our “Get Involved” section and be a part of the change!


Alexis (Lexi) Romero: 719-583-4480,

Phillip Padilla: 719-423-4642,

Renee Taylor: 719-404-3512,

Download a copy of our Resident Welcome Packet!

Our Impact in 2018

  • Attended Group & Online Classes


  • New Homeowners


  • Dollars Invested Into Communities


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