The Main Street Project

NWSoCo Seeks $500,000 in Funding to Support Rehabilitation Work at 300 N. Main Street (AKA: "Clark's"), Downtown Pueblo

NWSoCo officially acquired the historic Clark’s building on June 30, 2017. The 120+ year-old building is the focus of a major, three-year rehabilitation project, affectionately dubbed “The Main Street Project” by NWSoCo, which aims to convert the 14,664-square foot structure into a mixed-use building, featuring commercial space for lease downstairs, to include a grocery store and residential loft apartments upstairs. The Main Street Project is being made possible by NeighborWorks America (which has contributed $110K toward the project) and by support from the City of Pueblo’s Planning Department, Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority and the Downtown Association. Additionally, the assistance of Brian Prichard from the Bank of the San Juans and Kendall Curtis from ReMax Associates, played an integral role in the acquisition of the building and making this project a reality.
NWSoCo believes this project will help bolster the current and ongoing efforts to revitalize downtown and create a vibrant, bustling city-center; attracting business, reducing crime and creating a hub for culture, art and pride in Pueblo. The Main Street Project will further propel NWSoCo’s mission to promote healthy, vibrant neighborhoods.
The building has been designated an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project which means your donations could receive an extra tax benefit*.
We have raised $212,300.00 of our goal.

*Cash donations of $250 or more make donors eligible to claim up to a 25% Colorado State income tax credit in addition to other available federal tax incentives. Donors having made a certified contribution to an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project may claim 25% of a cash donation as an income tax credit, and half of that amount (12.5%) for an in-kind donation. Donors will receive confirmation of their tax credit from the Pueblo County Enterprise Zone administrator. The actual credit earned is figured based on all eligible contributions during the tax year, and capped at $100,000 per tax-payer with the balance carried forward up to 5 years. For advise on individual tax payer’s eligibility contact an accountant.*

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*All donations of $250 or more are eligible to receive a 25% State Tax Credit*
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